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"A breakthrough has been made using nanotechnology to effectively reduce AMR (Antimicrobial Resistant Microorganisms) on porous and nonporous surfaces."


"The need for eliminating, or at least reducing, microbial counts and odors on surfaces and fabrics are increasing. Proper cleaning techniques are crucial, along with cost effectiveness. One application of Nanotechnology is bringing this cleaning into a new era. XTI-360 Nanocoating has been proven to be effective in reducing microbial levels on surfaces and in the air. Both surface and air sample microbial counts were immediately reduced after the initial application of the product. Additionally, it is not affected by proper routine cleaning techniques. Since XTI-360 Nanocoating has shown to be an effective way of reducing microbial growth and odor issues, it is beneficial and affordable means of cleaning."

Keith Crawford, CIH

Certified Industrial Hygienist


"XTIO2 is energy-efficient green building technology"


"XTIO2 is an energy-saving green-building technology. We used lots of expensive air-purification machines in our renovated office, each machine consumes 70W per-hour of electricity, and filters cost $600 each per-year. After the XTI-360 nanocoating application, I soon noticed machines were off and room air smelled crisp and sharp, like a forest, not masking other odors.


The invisible and sustainable XTI-360 nanocoating is an energy-saving technology, as it has saved us electricity, and provided a safer and healthier work space for myself, employees and family. I believe XTI-360 should be a standard feature in all future homes and buildings".


John Cameron

International Self-Powered Building Council

2012-11 ITRI council conference speech



"We treated our bathrooms with Cleancoating's XTI-360 Nanocoating solution. I was extremely impressed by the results, prior to treatment, the bathrooms possessed a lingering smell of chemicals which resided after the use of other cleaning products. After the coating process, there was a noticeable difference in the absence of any discernible smell. Each bathroom had a fresh quality, like the day they were constructed. The application was quick, and the effects were noticeable almost immediately. I would highly recommend Cleancoating's services for other establishments. The product has demonstrated a long lasting, invisible and effective means to eliminate odor."

Brian Kane

General Manager
Zahav & Abe Fisher, Philadelphia, PA

"Before XTI-360 Nanocoating was applied to the dividing curtains, they smelled musty. Afterwards, they smelled fresh and better than being washed. I would recommend XTI-360 Nanocoating service to others."

George Garber

(US) Infection Control Coordinator

"Before the guest room was coated with XTI-360, it smelled musty and the curtains would hold in the odors of the guests. Afterwards, the room and curtains smelled fresh. I never expected the process to be so effective, work so quickly, and last for such long a time. I would recommend XTI-360 Nanocoating service to others."


Bryan Keenan

Hotel Assistant General Manager



"As a certified Indoor Air Quality Specialist and Mold Inspector, I must tell you how much I am impressed with your XTI02 technology."


When we first entered room 118 to test the air before your nanocoating treatment process, the room smelled like a typical hotel room - stagnant air, not clean or fresh smelling. When we returned to retest three hours later, after the coating process, the atmosphere was entirely different. The room smelled clean! The draperies and upholstery smelled clean! The difference was quite remarkable. The testing results confirmed our senses; the mold spore counts were reduced dramatically to what is considered to be “normal”, and in many cases they were eradicated! In a mere three hours!!


Not only does the atmosphere in the room smell clean, but the testing results also confirm that the space is clean. In the weeks following, we returned to do follow up testing. I now expect the room to smell clean, and I am not disappointed. I recommend it highly.“

LaVerne Scheetz

President, Healthy Interior Solutions, Inc.

"After the room was treated with XTI-360 Nanocoating, it smelled clean and fresh. I could smell how clean the room was just passing by it walking down the hall!"


"I would recommend XTI-360 Nanocoating service to others."

Cathy Kish

Director of Environmental Services, Nursing Home

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