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  • SAFE FOR FOOD PACKAGING - TiO2 was first registered by the FDA in 1966 as a food color additive and a food contact substance, meaning it is safe to incorporate into food packaging

  • USED IN EVERYDAY PRODUCTS - TiO2 is widely used in toothpastes, chewing gum, candy, and paints

  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN SAFE - The Australian Government released a document with 40 different scientific studies referenced, “A review of the scientific literature on the safety of nanoparticulate titanium dioxide or zinc oxide in sunscreens,” which concluded, “Currently there is no in vivo evidence to indicate possible toxicity of nanoparticulate TiO2 or ZnO in people using sunscreens. To date, the current weight of evidence indicates the particles remain on the surface of the skin and in the outer dead layer (stratum corneum) of the skin”

    Review of the Scientific Literature on the Safety of Nanoparticulate Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide in Sunscreens

  • USAGE GUIDELINES - XTIO2 Inc. Technology is applied to surfaces and not intended for ingestion or direct skin applications

Please note all laboratory testing referenced in our press releases is done for research purposes and XTI-360 is not an EPA registered pesticide or intended for sale as such.

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